A Simple Guide to Chartreuse

Chartreuse on the rocks
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Chartreuse liqueur is a unique and flavorful French herbal liqueur that has been first produced by the Carthusian monks in France in 1737. It is made by distilling a blend of 130 herbs, spices, and other ingredients into an alcohol base. Chartreuse liqueur has a distinctively sweet and herbal flavor that makes it popular for use in cocktails, as well as enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

What is Chartreuse?

Chartreuse liqueur comes in two varieties: Green Chartreuse which is the most frequently used type of Chartreuse, while on the other hand, Yellow Chartreuse liqueur which is more distinctive and less potent than its green counterpart, and has a slightly sweeter flavor.

What Does Chartreuse Taste Like?

The Green Chartreuse has strong flavors of herbs, citrus, and mint notes.

And as we said before Yellow Chartreuse is sweeter than Green Chartreuse and it has flavor notes of honey, saffron, and anise spice.

Chartreuse ABV

The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of Green Chartreuse is 55% and the Yellow Chartreuse has a lower ABV of 43%.

green chartreuse cocktail

Where the Chartreuse Gets its Color From?

Both products are naturally colored with natural ingredients. Green is one of the most common colors in nature and is obtained from chlorophyll, which can be found in herbs and plants. The yellow color of the Chartreuse liqueur is derived from the saffron spice.

Chartreuse Price

Chartreuse is a luxurious liquor that is known for its high quality and therefore comes with a hefty price tag. we think that it is one of the most expensive liquors you can buy on the market today. One bottle of 750 ml costs around $60.

Simple Chartreuse Cocktails

We think that Chartreuse is the perfect ingredient to add a special touch to any cocktail. From classic martinis to complex tiki drinks, Chartreuse cocktails are sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Here are 5 special cocktail recipes to make with chartreuse:


5 x 2 Column Table
Taste description of the Green Chartreuse Strong flavors of herbs, citrus, and mint notes
Taste description of the Yellow Chartreuse Flavor notes of honey, saffron, and anise spice
ABV 55%
Chartreuse Price Around 60$