About Us

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In the heart of Tel Aviv, amidst the hum of conversation and the clink of glasses, my bar has always been a shelter for those seeking refuge from the relentless pace of the city. My name is Oshri, and at 31, I’ve poured more drinks and shared more stories than I can count. My journey into mixology wasn’t just about crafting cocktails, it was about creating experiences, moments that people could carry with them long after the night ended.

My adventure took a turn one ordinary evening when Oz walked into my bar. He was a fresh face from the north with a spark in his eyes that spoke of unbridled passion for the craft of bartending. Oz had heard of my place and we started talking.

As the night wore on and the bar began to empty, Oz and I found ourselves deep in conversation about our shared love for mixology. He spoke of his bartending experience, and I shared tales of my own journey, of the challenges and triumphs of running a bar in the city. It was in those early hours, amidst bottles and bar tools, that an idea began to take shape – a site that would bridge the gap between the fun of drinking and the theory of mixology, cocktails, and mixed drinks.

We envisioned a platform where people could not only learn about the art of cocktail-making but also engage with it in a way that was both entertaining and informative. It was a bold idea, one that would require not just our combined knowledge and skills, but also a leap of faith. I, as the founder, and Oz, as the co-founder, decided to take that leap together.

The journey to bring our vision to life was not without its challenges. We spent countless nights discussing concepts, filming tutorials, and crafting content that would resonate with both beginners and seasoned mixologists alike. We wanted our site to be a reflection of us—of our passion for mixology and our belief in the power of a good drink to bring people together.

Looking back, I realize that meeting Oz was no mere coincidence. It was the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, one that has taught me the true meaning of partnership and the power of following your passion. Together, we’ve created something special, a testament to our shared love for mixology and our desire to make the world a little more fun, one cocktail at a time.

What we offer?

Since Oz and I set out on this adventure, our little site has grown into something we could only have dreamed of. It’s become a treasure trove for anyone who’s ever been mesmerized by cocktail crafting or curious about the magic behind mixing drinks. Let me give you a sneak peek into the heart of what we’ve created, with something for everyone—whether you’re just starting to explore the world of cocktails or you’ve been behind the bar for years.

Cocktail Recipes and Information

At the heart of our site lies a vast collection of cocktail recipes, ranging from timeless classics to innovative creations that challenge the palate and inspire the imagination. Each recipe is accompanied by detailed information about its origins, the story behind its creation, and the flavors you can expect to experience with each sip. We believe that understanding the history and concept of a cocktail enriches the drinking experience, transforming it from a mere act of consumption to an exploration of culture and creativity.


Recognizing that the world of cocktails can be as complex as it is captivating, we’ve developed comprehensive guides that cover the essentials of mixology. These guides delve into the techniques and tools necessary to craft the perfect drink, from shaking and stirring to muddling and straining. We also explore the fundamentals of flavor balance, helping our readers develop a keen sense of how to pair ingredients to achieve balance in their creations. Our guides are designed to be accessible, offering step-by-step instructions that empower our readers to experiment with confidence.

Product Reviews

Understanding that the right tools and ingredients are critical to the art of cocktail making, we provide thorough reviews of products related to the world of cocktails. This includes everything from spirits, liqueurs, and bitters to barware and accessories. Our reviews are honest and unbiased, aimed at helping our readers make informed decisions about what to add to their mixology toolkit. Whether you’re in search of the perfect shaker, searching for a new and exotic spirit to try, or looking for the best citrus juicer to enhance your home bar, our product reviews are here to guide you.

Our commitment is to provide a platform that not only educates and entertains but also fosters a community of enthusiasts and professionals who share a passion for the art of mixology. We strive to keep our content fresh, relevant, and engaging, ensuring that our readers always have something new to discover and explore. Through our cocktail recipes, guides, and product reviews, we aim to be a one-stop resource for all things cocktail, making the world of mixology accessible to everyone.