Peach Bellini Recipe

Peach bellini recipe
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A peach bellini cocktail is a delicious drink that has a refreshing taste and is the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavor. The peach Bellini is the perfect drink for any occasion.

It is believed that the drink was created by Giuseppe Cipriani in Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy.

Peach bellini ingredients

1 Bottle Prosecco

60 ml Peach purée or peach nectar

Peach slice for garnish

How to make a Bellini?

To make a peach bellini cocktail just pour the peach purée or peach nectar into a champagne flute and top off with Prosecco until the glass is full. You can decorate the glass with a fresh peach slice.

peach bellini cocktail

How to make a Peach purée?

First, remove the peach core, then remove the skin from the peaches and cut them into pieces. Then just put the pieces in a blender and mix until you have a perfect peach purée.

Tips for a perfect Bellini

1. Make sure that the peach purée and Prosecco are cold before serving.

2. For a perfect bellini, it is preferred if you will use fresh peaches and not stale peaches that have been standing for a long time on a shelf at the greengrocer.

3. Some people believe that an authentic peach bellini is made with white peaches. If you can get white peaches, it can be a refreshing change.

4. It is also possible to make the peach purée with frozen peaches. Some people find it easier than with fresh peaches.

*NOTE: It is important that you know that you can make bellini with any puree of any fruit you like.

In conclusion, we hope that you learned and enjoyed reading about how to make a bellini and that you enjoy the drink at least as much as we do.