Kir Royale

kir royale
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Kir Royale is a bubbly riff on the classic kir cocktail, made with creme de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur, and Champagne. This cocktail has become an iconic symbol of French culture and is often served at special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. The drink was created by Canon Felix Kir, a Catholic priest in Dijon, France. He wanted to create a signature drink that would be associated with his name, hence the name “Kir Royale”. This cocktail is easy to make and can be enjoyed by both experienced mixologists and novice drinkers alike.

Kir Royale Recipe

  1. 10 ml Creme de cassis

  2. 90 ml Champagne, to top

  3. Garnish: 2 Fresh Blackberries

kir royale cocktail

How to Make a Kir Royale

  1. Add the creme de cassis liqueur to a Champagne flute glass.

  2. Top with Champagne.

  3. Garnish with 2 fresh Blackberries