How to make the best gin martini cocktails

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The history of gin is uncertain. Its origins are in the Middle Ages when distilled spirits were first made with juniper berries. Gin was used as a medicine for various ailments, such as kidney stones and gout.

Gin as said is a distilled beverage that derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries. The word gin itself originates from the Dutch word genever or jenever, which means “juniper.”

In recent years, many new types of gin have been invented. These include fruit-flavored gins, flavored with various fruits such as grapefruit and rosemary. Other types include cucumber, pepper, and ginger.

How many calories are in gin martini?

how many calories in gin martini are you asking? A standard gin martini contains about 190 calories.

Gin Martini cocktails are coming right away

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a delicious cocktail? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite gin cocktails that are perfect for the season.

Classic gin martini cocktail

a simple and classic gin martini cocktail is made of:

75 ml gin

15 ml dry vermouth

olive for decoration

Preparation: In a mixing glass filled with ice, mix the gin and dry vermouth until chilled.

Gin espresso martini

For the perfect gin espresso martini, you will need:

50 ml of gin

25 ml fresh espresso

25 ml of your favorite coffee liqueur

10 ml of a simple syrup

and some coffee beans for decoration

Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. shake well and strain it into a glass.

Grapefruit gin martini

The perfect grapefruit gin martini requires

3/8 teaspoon of celery bitters

60 ml of your favorite gin

15 ml of grapefruit juice

Preparation: Repeat the gin espresso martini-making method.

lavender gin martini

This lavender gin martini is perfect for a Friday night.

60 ml of gin

15 ml dry vermouth

15 ml of lavender simple syrup (Preferably one prepared at home‏‏)

2/8 teaspoon of orange bitters

Lavender sprig for decoration

Preparation: Gather the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, mix well with ice and serve in a nice glass with the lavender sprig decoration.