Aperol Spritz Recipe

Aperol Spritz Recipe
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The Aperol Spritz is an Italian apéritif. It is made of Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water, which are mixed together in a glass. The drink has a sweet taste and it is often served with an orange peel or an olive on the rim of the glass.

Aperol Spritz Ingredients

As far as we know the traditional Aperol Spritz ingredients are :

3 parts Prosecco (90 ml)

2 parts Aperol (60 ml)

1 part Soda Water (30 ml)

Garnish with an orange peel


How to Make an Aperol Spritz

In a wine glass filled with Ice add Aperol, and Prosecco, and top with soda water. Mix gently and decorate with an orange peel.

Why is Aperol spritz so popular?

As far as we know the Aperol Spritz is in rising demand in the United States in the last couple of years and is one of the most famous and popular cocktails from Italy.

What to serve with Aperol spritz

The Aperol spritz is served mostly as an apéritif and because of that, it is served with appetizers.

We think that the most common appetizers served with Aperol spritz are :

Polpette – Polpette is miniature meatballs served on their own with a toothpick for simple eating.

Crostini – Crostini is a crusty bread with olive oil with your favorite topping.

Tramezzini – Tramezzini are small triangular sandwiches made of white bread that can be filled with anything you like.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz variations

Strawberry Aperol Spritz Recipe

The Strawberry Aperol spritz is made of :

Basil leaves

3 Strawberries

60 ml Aperol

90 ml Prosecco

30 ml Soda Water


How to Make a Strawberry Aperol Spritz

In a cocktail glass place the basil leaves and Strawberries, and muddle them until they release the juices. Then fill the glass with the Aperol, and Prosecco and top with Soda Water. You can add a couple of ice cubes to the glass as well.

Grapefruit Aperol spritz Recipe

The Grapefruit Aperol spritz made of :

60 ml Aperol

90 ml Prosecco

90 ml Grapefruit juice

30 ml Soda Water


How to Make a Grapefruit Aperol spritz

In a wine glass, Add Ice, Aperol, and Prosecco, and top with Soda Water and Grapefruit juice. Mix gently.

Grapefruit Aperol spritz

Lemonade Aperol spritz Recipe

60 ml Aperol

90 ml Prosecco

90 ml Lemonade

30 ml Soda Water


Garnish with Mint Leaves

How to Make a Lemonade Aperol spritz

In a cocktail glass, Add Ice, Aperol, Prosecco, and Lemonade. top with Soda Water and Mix gently. Garnish with Mint Leaves.