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Published: 01/03/24

dukes martini
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The Dukes Martini, also known as the Direct Martini, stands as a testament to the artistry and innovation of its creator, Salvatore Calabrese, who created it at the iconic Dukes Hotel in 1985, during his 12-year tenure as the bar manager from 1982. The genesis of the Dukes Martini can be traced back to the discerning tastes of journalist Stanton Delaplane, a visitor of the Dukes Hotel bar, who craved an ultra-dry and ice-cold Martini.

What sets the Dukes Martini apart is its commitment to precision and simplicity. Calabrese’s creation is a masterclass in mixology, embodying the essence of a classic Martini while catering to the specific demands of its distinguished patrons. The recipe is characterized by its minimalistic approach, using only the finest ingredients – premium gin and a touch of vermouth – ensuring that the flavor profile remains crisp, clean, and utterly refreshing. The meticulous preparation involves frozen gin and glass with no ice to achieve the desired chill without compromising the integrity of the ingredients. The result is a drink that epitomizes sophistication, allowing the quality of the gin to shine through with every sip.

The Dukes Martini transcended the confines of the Dukes Hotel to achieve global recognition, even making a notable appearance in the 2018 film “A Simple Favor.” In a pivotal scene, actress Blake Lively, portraying a character with a penchant for perfection, takes center stage as she meticulously prepares what she deems as a “real martini” for her on-screen partner, Anna Kendrick. This cinematic moment not only elevated the Dukes Martini to new heights of popularity but also showcased its enduring allure as a symbol of refinement and taste.

Dukes Martini Recipe

  1. 120 ml gin

  2. 3 dashes dry vermouth

  3. Garnish: lemon peel

the dukes martini

How to make a Dukes Martini

  1. Store the gin bottle and martini glass in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

  2. Before serving, pour the dry vermouth into the frozen glass, and swirl it until the glass is coated.

  3. Add the frozen gin, garnish with a lemon peel, and serve immediately.

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