The 10 Best Cocktail Books to Add to Your Reading List

Best Cocktail Books
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Cocktail books usually contain recipes for cocktails, but can also include drink history, cocktail lore, and other interesting tidbits.

We believe that cocktail books are a great way to get people into the bar business. They offer a range of recipes and information on how to mix drinks.

There is no shortage of cocktail books on the market today. The best cocktail recipe books have been around for decades and have stood the test of time.

The best cocktail recipe books:

The Bartender’s Guide

Many people believe that the first cocktail book was published in 1862 by the name “The Bartender’s Guide” and was written by Jerry Thomas.

This cocktail book is probably the most famous of all cocktail books out there. This 258-page book will guide you down to the principles of formulating mixed drinks of all types and categories.

The Joy of Mixology

Gary Regan who wrote this book has been a huge influence on mixologists and bartenders around the world and especially in America.

“The Joy of Mixology” is considered a book for both professionals and amateurs bartenders and has interesting recipes and techniques.

Cocktail Codex

Cocktail Codex is a comprehensive book on the craft of mixing drinks that has a unique approach. The book’s authors claim that mixology has “6 root templates” for cocktails that you need to master, and when you understand each “root template” you will understand much better the mixology and bartending world.

Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails

This cocktail book is an exotic, refreshing, and modern take on the mixology world. The book includes original recipes, techniques, tasting notes, and recommendations about mixology. In this 192-page book, you will find a lot of easy-to-follow recipes and new versions of classic drinks.

The Craft of the Cocktail

The book’s author Dale DeGroff, is considered by many people “the world’s premier mixologist“. In this book, he features 500 recipes that cover the entire breadth of the rich mixology world. The book will teach you how to master important techniques and use cocktail tools correctly.

Spirits of Latin America

“Spirits of Latin America” will give you a look at the drinking culture throughout Latin America. The 256-page book emphasizes the spiciness, vivaciousness, strength, and uniqueness of Latin mixology. In the book, you will find more than 100 cocktail recipes.

Tokyo Cocktails

Whether you are dreaming of flying to Tokyo or drinking local Japanese cocktails, this book is for you. The “Tokyo Cocktails“ book features over 100 recipes that honor classic Japanese cocktails. This book is the ideal cocktail guide to Japanese mixology.

Liquid Intelligence

Some people say that this cocktail book has a revolutionary approach to mixology. This book features more than 120 cocktail recipes and here you will learn how to make better-looking and better-tasting drinks. The book will also guide you on how to perfect your mixing techniques.

The Cocktail Cabinet

“The Cocktail Cabinet: The art, science and pleasure of mixing the perfect drink” will show you that cocktail-making at home can be an enjoyable experience. Zoe Burgess the author of this book introduces a comprehensive and detailed guide to creating professional and tasty cocktails. In this 240-page book, you will find seven chapters that talk about creating, developing, and executing the cocktails that you are dreaming about.

The Art of Mixology

In The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions you will find a collection of artisan cocktail recipes and traditional mixology methods that features classic cocktails. This 192-page book offers more than 200 recipes that can be made for every occasion.