Buttery Nipple

Buttery Nipple
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The Buttery Nipple Shot is a drink made up of Butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream liqueur. It is a popular drink in the United States, especially at bars and parties.

Buttery Nipple Recipe

The Buttery Nipple Recipe is really easy to make. You will just need 2 ingredients and 2 tools for that :

30 ml Butterscotch schnapps

15 ml Irish Cream Liqueur

A Spoon

A Shot Glass

How to Make a Buttery Nipple?

In a Shot Glass Pour 30 ml of Butterscotch schnapps. After that gently pour 15 ml Irish cream liqueur over the back of the spoon to layer the two ingredients.

What does a Buttery Nipple shot taste like?

The Buttery Nipple shot is made from 2 ingredients – Butterscotch schnapps and Irish Cream Liqueur. The Butterscotch schnapps has a rich taste and a candy creamy flavor, and Irish Cream Liqueur have a vanilla and chocolate sweet kind of flavor which makes the Buttery Nipple taste like smooth and sweet butterscotch creamy pudding.

Can I Make A Buttery Nipple As a Cocktail?

Yes, you can! You can double or triple the number of ingredients, put in a shaker glass with ice, shake it and strain it into a cocktail glass. We recommend topping with whipped cream.