A Simple Guide to Absinthe

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What is Absinthe?

Absinthe is a high-proof alcoholic drink similar in the way of making to gin.

Absinthe is typically prepared using three primary herbs – Wormwood, Green Anise, and Sweet Fennel. Apart from these, other herbs also be incorporated to impart unique flavors and qualities to the drink. (petite wormwood, hyssop, Melissa, and more).

The drink gets its distinctive green hue from the chlorophyll extracted from these herbs and is usually distilled twice before bottling.

What Does Absinthe Taste Like?

Absinthe is a beverage that has an herbal scent, usually with a notable anise or licorice taste. Certain varieties of absinthe may have lighter and more floral notes, while others may be darker with more earthy notes.

What Does Absinthe Taste Like

How to Drink Absinthe?

It is not recommended to consume absinthe without dilution due to its strong flavor and high alcohol content. Absinthe possesses a high alcohol content that can even burn your taste buds if consumed in excess. Consuming too much absinthe can be dangerous and should be done in moderation. If consumed responsibly, absinthe can be savored with a sense of reverence.

How to Drink Absinthe

The Traditional Absinthe Ritual

The absinthe ritual is a symbol of the traditional and historical background of the drink. This ceremony has become an integral part of consuming absinthe, making it a unique experience. We think that the absinthe ritual is important because it helps to bring out the best of its flavor and aroma.

It is traditionally served by pouring absinthe and cold water over a sugar cube placed onto a slotted spoon above the glass, making the liquid go through the sugar into the glass thereby diluting the drink.

Absinthe Ritual

Absinthe ABV

Absinthe ABV (Alcohol by volume) Is somewhere between 45% to 74% and its distinct flavor is derived from the blend of botanicals it contains.

The most common ABV for absinthe is between 55-74%, but some brands have higher or lower ABVs depending on their ingredients. Understanding the ABV of your absinthe can help you determine how much to drink and how it will affect you.

Absinthe ABV

Why was Absinthe Banned in The US?

Absinthe was banned in 1912 in the us, due to the public’s misconception that it could cause hallucinations. In reality, its active ingredient, wormwood, was thought to be the source of the supposed hallucinogenic properties.

After being banned in the US for almost a century, Lucid became the first absinthe brand to receive approval in 2007 to be imported and sold in the United States.

Absinthe Price

Absinthe is known to be quite expensive, yet you only need a small amount each time. A 750 ml bottle would approximately cost around $45 to $70, and a top-notch bottle can go up to $100.


5 x 2 Column Table
Made from Made from Wormwood, Green Anise, and Sweet Fennel.
Taste and smell description Absinthe has an herbal scent, usually with a notable anise or licorice taste
Absinthe ABV 45% to 74%
Absinthe Price $45 to $70, and a top-notch bottle can go up to $100