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french 77
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In the world of mixology, where creativity knows no bounds, cocktails often evolve while paying homage to their classic origins. The French 75, a time-honored cocktail dating back to World War I, has delighted countless palates with its harmonious blend of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. However, the realm of mixology thrives on innovation and thus enters the scene of the French 77—a captivating riff on the iconic Frenliqueurch 75 cocktail, inviting us to explore the boundaries of taste and texture.

In 2006, the cocktail landscape experienced a transformative moment with the unveiling of the French 77 by pioneering mixologist Simon Difford. Building upon the revered foundations of the classic French 75, Difford ingeniously infused his creation with a modern twist, defining his reputation as a true innovator in the field of mixology. Through the incorporation of elderflower liqueur, he introduced an unexpected layer of complexity, seamlessly blending delicate floral notes with the refreshing zing of fresh lemon juice. This novel cocktail not only paid homage to tradition but also pushed the boundaries of flavor exploration. Difford’s French 77 not only became an instant classic but also catalyzed a new wave of creativity in the cocktail world, inspiring bartenders and enthusiasts to reimagine the possibilities within the art of crafting cocktails.

As said, at the heart of the French 77 lies the elderflower liqueur. This delightful liqueur, with its sweet floral notes and hints of honey, introduces a layer of complexity to the cocktail. This innovative touch showcases the ever-evolving nature of mixology, where the past and the present entwine to create something entirely new.

The French 77’s allure is further heightened by the interplay of its core ingredients. Fresh lemon juice, a staple in the cocktail world, provides the necessary zest to cut through the richness of the elderflower liqueur. Its vibrant acidity not only adds a refreshing twist but also underscores the cocktail’s inherent elegance. The mixing of lemon juice and elderflower liqueur serves as a reminder that cocktails are not merely beverages but experiences—an amalgamation of flavors and sensations that linger on the palate and in the memory.

The final ingredient of the French 77 is, of course, the bubbly champagne. As in the classic French 75, champagne lends its celebratory air to the cocktail, elevating even the most mundane moments into something special. The delicate touch of bubbles and flavors creates a texture that is simultaneously light and indulgent.

French 77 Recipe

  1. 30 ml Elderflower liqueur

  2. 7.5 ml Fresh lemon juice

  3. 120 ml Champagne

  4. Garnish: Lemon twist

french 77 cocktail

How to Make a French 77 Cocktail

  1. Pour the elderflower liqueur and fresh lemon juice into a champagne flute.

  2. Top with champagne.

  3. Garnish with a fancy lemon twist, and serve.