Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic
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The Vodka Tonic is one of the most popular mixed drinks in the world, especially in Europe. There are many variations of this drink depending on what type of alcohol you use to make it, or what type of mixer you use to flavor it with. The Vodka Tonic is made by combining vodka and tonic water in a glass. It is typically served in a highball glass with ice and often garnished with lime or lemon wedge.

Vodka Tonic Recipe

  1. 45-60 ml vodka (Depends on how strong you like your drink).

  2. 100-120 ml tonic water

  3. 1 fresh lemon wedge or 1 lime wedge

  4. Ice

  5. Garnish: 1 lime wedge

Vodka Tonic Recipe

How to Make a Vodka Tonic

  1. In a highball glass filled with ice, add vodka and stir until chilled.

  2. Add the tonic water and squeeze the lemon or lime wedge into the glass. Don’t forget to add the squeezed wedge to the glass.

  3. Stir gently and garnish with a lime wedge.

Tips for a better Vodka Tonic

  • For a more delicious experience use quality tonic water
  • Pour the tonic water over a spoon.