Scotch and Soda


Published: 01/14/24

Scotch and Soda
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Scotch and Soda, a 2 ingredient mixed beverage composed of Scotch whisky and soda water, stands as a notable exemplar in the world of mixed drinks.

One distinctive feature of the Scotch and Soda is its absence of a standardized recipe. The ratio between Scotch whisky and soda water is subjective, ranging from a minimal splash to a more pronounced presence of the latter. Furthermore, the versatility extends to the choice of sparkling water, enabling experimentation with club soda, seltzer, or infused variations for an avant-garde twist.

Selecting the appropriate Scotch for a Scotch and Soda largely depends on personal taste preferences and desired flavor profiles. Here are several types of Scotch whiskies that can work well in this cocktail:

1. Light and floral Scotch whisky

Opt for a single malt Scotch with light and floral notes, as these can provide a delicate and refreshing base for a Scotch and Soda. The subtle flavors won’t overpower the effervescence of the soda water.

2. Peaty Scotches

For those who enjoy a hint of smokiness, a peaty single malt can add a distinctive layer of complexity to the Scotch and Soda. However, it’s essential to use a peated Scotch judiciously to avoid overwhelming the drink.

4. Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch

A Scotch aged in sherry casks can contribute subtle sweetness and dried fruit notes to the cocktail. This option adds a nuanced touch for those who appreciate a slightly sweeter profile in their Scotch and Soda.

5. Crisp and Clean Grain Scotch Whisky

A grain Scotch, characterized by its milder and cleaner profile, can be an excellent choice for those who prefer a neutral base that lets the soda water shine while still providing a solid Scotch foundation.

6. Classic Speyside Single Malt

Single malts from the Speyside region often exhibit a balance of fruity and malty notes. This type of Scotch can bring a well-rounded and approachable quality to Scotch and Soda.

7. Blended Scotch

Blended Scotch, composed entirely of malt whiskies, offers a diverse flavor profile that can adapt well to Scotch and Soda. Look for a blended malt with a mix of regional characteristics for complexity.

Ultimately, the choice of Scotch for a Scotch and Soda is subjective. Experimenting with different styles and flavor profiles allows individuals to tailor the cocktail to their liking, whether favoring a lighter, floral experience, a hint of smokiness, or a well-balanced foundation.

Scotch and Soda Recipe

  1. 60 ml scotch whisky

  2. Club soda, to top

  3. Ice

  4. Garnish: lemon twist

scotch and soda drink

How to Make Scotch and Soda

  1. Add the scotch whisky to a highball or old fashioned glass filled with ice.

  2. Top off with club soda.

  3. Stir to combine.

  4. Garnish with a lemon twist.