Nick and Nora Martini

Nick and Nora Martini
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The world of mixology boasts an impressive array of cocktails, each with its own unique history and charm. Among the most timeless and sophisticated of these cocktails is Nick and Nora Martini. Named after the iconic husband-and-wife detective duo from Dashiell Hammett’s novel “The Thin Man,” this cocktail has captured the hearts and palates of countless cocktail enthusiasts for generations.

Nick and Nora Martini draws its inspiration from the glamorous and debonair characters Nick and Nora Charles, played by William Powell and Myrna Loy in the 1934 film adaptation of “The Thin Man.” The film was a huge success and spawned a series of sequels that helped solidify the couple’s place in cinematic history. Their witty banter and love for a good drink, especially martinis, have become synonymous with sophistication and charm.

The Nick and Nora Martini is a variation of the classic Martini, which traditionally consists of gin and vermouth.
The primary spirit in this cocktail, gin imparts its botanical flavors to create a balanced and aromatic profile.
Unlike the traditional Martini, which often uses a 6:1 ratio of gin to vermouth, the Nick and Nora Martini calls for less gin, typically at a 3:1 ratio. This reduction results in a more delicate and refined drink.
To garnish the Nick and Nora Martini, one can use a lemon twist or a Spanish olive, offering a final touch of elegance.

The popularity of classic cocktails has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with many bars and mixologists paying homage to the golden age of cocktails. The Nick and Nora Martini, with its vintage charm and glamorous history, perfectly embodies this nostalgic sentiment. As people seek experiences that evoke a sense of timelessness and sophistication, this cocktail fits the bill perfectly.

Nick and Nora Martini Recipe

  1. 45 ml gin

  2. 15 ml dry vermouth

  3. Ice

  4. Garnish: Spanish olive (without the pimento filling)

Nick and Nora Martini Recipe

How to Make a Nick and Nora Martini

  1. Add the gin and dry vermouth into a mixing glass filled with ice, and stir until chilled.

  2. Strain into a Nick and Nora glass.

  3. Garnish with a Spanish olive.