Kir Cocktail

Kir Cocktail
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The Kir Cocktail is made with crème de cassis and dry white wine. The taste of this drink can be described as berry, fruity, and sweet taste with a special aroma.

It is typically served in a champagne flute or in a wine glass and is usually served as an apéritif before a meal.

kir cocktail recipe

Kir Cocktail Recipe

  1. 30 ml crème de cassis, chilled

  2. 120 ml chilled dry white wine

How to Make a Kir Cocktail

  1. In a wine glass add the crème de cassis.

  2. Gently add the dry white wine (It is important that it will be chilled).

  • It is important to add the crème de cassis first because if not you will need to stir the drink together. If you will do it the correct way, it will mix naturally.
  • If the drink is too strong for you, you can always adjust it to your taste. Here we used 1:4 ratio. you can use a 1:5 ratio or even 1:6.