Cucumber Gimlet

cucumber gimlet
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Cocktails have a way of transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Among the vast array of cocktail options, the Cucumber Gimlet stands out as a refreshing riff on the classic Gimlet cocktail. This sophisticated drink combines the tangy flavors of lime juice with the crispness and freshness of cucumber, creating a delightful fresh cocktail.

The Cucumber Gimlet’s most defining characteristic is its crisp and lightly sweet flavor. The addition of cucumber introduces a refreshing element that pairs perfectly with the slight acidity of lime juice. The gin adds a botanical complexity that balances the tanginess of the lime, resulting in a unique and well-rounded flavor profile.
The subtle sweetness from the simple syrup adds depth to the drink, rounding out the overall experience.

If you like the classic gimlet, we can assure you that the natural aroma and coolness of the cucumber in this cocktail create a unique earthy element, making it even tastier than the original.

Cucumber Gimlet Recipe

  1. 60 ml gin

  2. 22.5 ml fresh lime juice

  3. 15 ml simple syrup

  4. 2 slices of cucumber

  5. Soda water (optional)

  6. Ice

  7. Garnish: Thin cucumber slice

Cucumber Gimlet Recipe

How to Make a Cucumber Gimlet

  1. Add the cucumber slices into a cocktail shaker and gently mash with a muddler.

  2. Add the gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and ice.

  3. Shake for 10-15 seconds, until chilled.

  4. Strain into a coupe glass.

  5. Add a splash of soda water.

  6. Garnish with a thin cucumber slice.