Best Liquor Dispensers

Best Liquor Dispensers
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The 7 Best Liquor Dispensers to Buy Right Now

Are you opening a new bar or designing the home bar that you’ve always wanted? Here are the 7 best liquor dispensers To Buy.

Liquor dispensers are used to dispense alcoholic drinks in bars, and restaurants. They use a variety of methods to measure the amount of alcohol poured into the glass.

We believe that the first liquor dispenser was a hand-powered machine that dispensed spirits to customers. The machine had a lever that when pulled, would release the spirits into a glass.

In the late 1900s, automatic machines were introduced and they became popular quickly because they were more efficient. The machines were controlled by levers or buttons that dispensed alcohol with each pull of the lever or push of the button.

Types of Liquor Dispensers

There are two common types of liquor dispensers:

Guns Liquor Dispenser

A guns liquor dispenser is a machine that delivers alcohol from the bar alcohol storage containers through pipes to the customer’s glass.

Spigots Liquor Dispenser

A spigot liquor dispenser is a device that dispenses liquor, in a measured amount. The liquid flow from a bottle through the nozzle to a glass or a cocktail shaker. They are commonly found in bars and restaurants.

How much time can a liquor last in a dispenser?

The answer to this question depends on the type of liquor, the type of the liquor dispenser, and how it is stored. Liquor within a sealed dispenser will last much more time, Compared to what it would last in an unsealed dispenser.

What size should the Liquor Dispenser be?

The liquor dispenser size that you should buy for your bar, will need to be determined by the number of beverages and the number of drinks you will have to serve each night. If it is bought for non-permanent use, it does not have to be a large one. Whether it’s for everyday use, Here the situation is different and you will have to order a bigger one.

Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

This liquor dispenser is fit for most alcohol bottles. It is made from quality material and its frame is made from aluminum alloy. It is easy to install and attach to a wall. The dispenser is good for holding up to 7 liquor bottles (depending on what size you order). The dispenser design is special and uses a spring-loaded to prevent dripping and leaking.

6 Shot Glass Dispenser

This is a shot glass dispenser made from a quality durable PLA plastic that will not break easily. The set contains a dispenser, 6 shot glasses, and 6 leaking stoppers.

The item dimension size is 5.4*5.2*4.85 inches and the cup size is 1.9*1.65 inches. What’s good about this dispenser is that it saves pouring time.

Bonny Boy Liquor dispenser

This funny dispenser is modeled after the Manneken Pis fountain in Brussels. The dispenser capacity is 16 fluid ounces and is suitable for one spirit. The Item’s dimensions are 4.25 x 4.25 x 13.5 inches and it’s made out of glass.

** note – It requires 2 AA batteries to operate.

** second note – you can buy it in a Santa Claus version.

BLKSMITH Pump Liquor Dispenser

Want to surprise your friend with a gift for his home bar? BLKSMITH pump liquor dispenser is a gas pump vintage style dispenser made out of durable plastic that comes in a stunning Viking red color.  It can contain up to 900 ml of spirits (30 ounces). it is 5.5-inch in width and 19 in height.

Wooden Bottle Dispenser

This vintage stained wood dispenser has a hammer and axe kind of look that can fit perfectly into a home bar. It has a universal bottle adapter that is built to hold and secure most of the standard liquor bottles there are. Bottles can attach simply to the adapter. its dimensions are 10.75 inches in height, 6.25 in width, and 9.25 in length.

Vida Brillante Handcrafted Liquor Dispenser

Vida Brillante Handcrafted liquor dispenser is suitable for 1 bottle. It has a built-in safe and hygienic silicone tube for pouring the spirits. The dispenser is made from Iron and its dimensions are 14.57 x 6.3 x 13.78 inches. It’s great for whiskey, scotch, gin and bourbon, and more.

4 Station dispenser

Want to improve your home bar design? you just need to buy this 4 station liquor dispenser! the design is pretty simple – a 20-inch alloy steel base for stable use, valves that release a controlled amount per push (1.5-ounce shot), and clips that prevent the bottles from falling. The item dimensionsare 5 x 3.7 x 8 inches.

In conclusion – we hope you found what you were looking for and the information helped you make the right choice.