The 5 Best Cocktail Smokers you can find online

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Cocktail smokers are an important part of any bar. They are used to add Smokey flavor to drinks and cocktails that need it. It is important to know what you should look for in a smoker before making a purchase.

What is a cocktail smoker?

A cocktail smoker is a device that is used to smoke cocktails and add a smoky flavor. It can be a tabletop or handheld device that has a special chamber where the ingredients are mixed and then smoked with an electric heating element.

A good smoker should be made from high-quality materials. This will ensure that it is durable and long-lasting, which means you won’t have to replace it every year or two like some cheaper models. The quality of the construction also ensures that the smoke is produced evenly, which can make all the difference in the taste of your drink or cocktail.

What is inside a cocktail smoker kit?

Usually, a Cocktail smoker kit includes a smoke infuser, a torch, a cleaning brush, a filter, and flavor wood chips.

Things to consider before purchasing a cocktail smoker

Power source

There are cocktail smokers that usually cost less and will usually be powered by AA batteries. There are cocktail smokers that will be powered by lithium batteries or USB charging. there are people that prefer the good old way and that is smoking the cocktail by the fire.

Size and portability

If you want to take the cocktail smoker kit with you on the go, you need to buy a compact-sized smoker that will fit in your bag or pocket. Usually, road cocktail smokers will be powered by batteries or pre-charged USB.

Smoke control

Usually, the amount of smoke emitted from the smoker’s cocktails can be regulated by a dial. Sometimes it comes with different degrees of smoking, so you can control how much smoke comes out and how the smoking process will be carried out

How to clean the cocktail smoker?

Basically, cleaning most smokers is not difficult. you need is to clean the outer spout from which the smoke comes out. If you bought a cocktail smoker with a lid, you need to clean it after each use so that odors do not stick.

It is worth it?

If you like to try new and exciting flavors or you really like a smoky taste, you need to find the best cocktail smoker for you.

smoky cocktails you need to try

Whiskey-based cocktails are the best for smoking and also the most popular, it makes the drink get a full and aromatic flavor. Basically, you can smoke any cocktail, but the question is whether the flavors will connect.

Crafthouse by Fortessa Stainless Steel cocktail smoker

This one has a system that lets you pour the wine into the glass without removing the cork, so you will be able to enjoy the rest of the bottle after.

It’s also easy to clean – just press the trigger to remove any liquid from the inside of the device, and then wipe with a clean cloth. Do not submerge the system in water.

** Note – it’s not dishwasher safe.

MITBAK Cocktail Smoker

This cocktail smoker kit can give your cocktail a hint of cold smoke that tastes like you’ve been smoking it slow and low for a long time. This smoker comes with a specially designed lid, a portable smoking gun (with a long-lasting rechargeable Lithium battery and a charger), and wood chips for the flavors.

7 Piece Home Bartender Kit

This is the best cocktail smoker that captures the smoke in its purest form and is simple and easy to use.

The kit comes with 3 different woodchips – Cherry, Apple & Pecan, A Torch, Mason Jar & White Oak Smoking Board.

Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun

Breville Cocktail smoker adds a natural and cold smoke flavor aroma to the cocktails without using heat.

It comes with an integrated stand, a removable silicone extender hose of 17.5-Inch and more.

It’s Ideal for home cocktail lovers and mixologists.

It comes in Silver or Black, weighs 1 Pound and the Item Dimensions are 5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches.

Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker

This electric cocktail smoker comes in a slightly different and rectangular shape.

It is made of high-quality and durable materials that will bring your cocktails a special and light aroma.

You will need to turn it on with four AA batteries.

The Item Weight 0.32 Kilograms