Monte Cassino Cocktail

monte cassino cocktail
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The Monte Cassino cocktail is a riff on the classic Last Word that contains rye whiskey, yellow chartreuse, benedictine, and lemon juice. It was first crafted in 2010 by bartender Damon Dyer, at Louis 649 in the heart of New York City.

The Last Word cocktail, a pre-prohibition gem that enjoyed a resurgence in the early 2000s, serves as the muse for the Monte Cassino. Damon Dyer’s inspired creation takes the foundation of the Last Word and transforms it into a unique and flavorful experience. By maintaining the equal parts formula but replacing the original gin base with the robust notes of rye whiskey, Dyer breathes new life into the classic cocktail, giving it a distinctly bold and sophisticated character.

At the heart of the Monte Cassino is its meticulously balanced combination of ingredients. Rye whiskey, known for its spicy and robust profile, forms the backbone of the cocktail, providing a strong and assertive foundation. Benedictine, an herbal liqueur, adds a complex sweetness and depth to the mix. Yellow Chartreuse, a vibrant and herbaceous liqueur, contributes mellow and rooty notes. Finally, the addition of fresh lemon juice brings a bright and citrusy zing, tying the elements together.

We can say that this cocktail pays homage to the centuries-old Benedictine and Yellow Chartreuse liqueurs, infusing the modern era with the flavors of the past. The rye whiskey, a nod to America’s whiskey heritage, adds a contemporary twist, creating a bridge between tradition and innovation. In every sip, one can discern the echoes of the past mingling with the vibrant spirit of the present, creating a truly timeless experience.

Monte Cassino Cocktail Recipe

  1. 22.5 ml rye whiskey

  2. 22.5 ml Benedictine

  3. 22.5 ml Yellow Chartreuse

  4. 22.5 ml fresh lemon juice

  5. Ice

  6. Garnish: lemon twist

the monte cassino cocktail

How to Make a Monte Cassino Cocktail

  1. Add the rye whiskey, Benedictine, Yellow Chartreuse, and fresh lemon juice into a cocktail shaker

  2. Add ice and shake for 15 seconds, until chilled.

  3. Strain the mix into a coupe glass.

  4. Garnish with a lemon twist.