Dark and Stormy

dark and stormy
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The Dark and Stormy, sometimes referred to as the “dark n stormy”, is a cocktail that combines dark rum, ginger beer, and lime juice, creating a deliciously complex and refreshingly sharp drink that has earned a permanent place in the annals of cocktail history.

Origins of the Dark and Stormy

The Dark and Stormy cocktail has strong ties to the island of Bermuda. The cocktail’s history is as cloudy and mysterious as the storm it’s named after, but one thing is clear: the Dark and Stormy is deeply rooted in Bermudian culture.

One of the defining characteristics of this cocktail is the use of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. This rum, originally produced by the Gosling family, is a rich, dark, and full-bodied spirit. The tale goes that in the early 20th century, a British naval officer stationed in Bermuda noticed the locals mixing their Black Seal Rum with ginger beer. Struck by the combination, he declared that it looked like “the color of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under” and thus, this cocktail was born.

Gosling’s Rum has since trademarked the Dark ‘n Stormy name and developed its own brand of ginger beer to accompany it, cementing its position as the go-to choice for creating this iconic drink.

Dark and Stormy Ingredients

The magic of the Dark and Stormy cocktail lies in its simplicity.

As previously mentioned, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum is the traditional choice for this cocktail. Its dark, molasses-rich flavor complements the ginger beer perfectly. However, you can experiment with other dark rums, but it’s essential to select one that has a bold, complex flavor profile.

While there are various ginger beers available, some specifically designed to pair with Gosling’s rum, it’s crucial to choose one that’s spicy and not too sweet. A good ginger beer adds a fiery kick to the drink that balances the sweetness of the rum.

lime juice is the finishing touch that provides a hint of acidity and a burst of citrus aroma, enhancing the overall experience of the Dark n Stormy.

The Dark and Stormy is best enjoyed immediately after preparation, served in the glass with its iconic dark and light layers, representing the tempestuous sea and the stormy sky.

Dark and Stormy Enduring Appeal

The Dark n Stormy’s enduring appeal lies in its exquisite balance of flavors and its association with both tradition and adventure. This cocktail is a true embodiment of its name, providing a rich and complex depth like a dark sea while the spiciness of the ginger beer unleashes a storm of flavors on the palate.

The cocktail’s simplicity is another factor contributing to its appeal. Whether you’re a novice mixologist or a seasoned bartender, the Dark and Stormy is accessible and foolproof. Its ingredients are readily available, and it takes only a few minutes to create this classic cocktail. This accessibility has made it a staple in home bars and a reliable choice at bars and restaurants worldwide.

Furthermore, the Dark n Stormy is a versatile drink. While it’s delightful as is, it also serves as a canvas for creative variations. Some enthusiasts like to infuse their own ginger syrup or experiment with different types of rum, adding unique twists to this beloved classic. The Dark and Stormy’s adaptability means it can be tailored to suit various palates and preferences, ensuring its place on cocktail menus for years to come.

Dark and Stormy Recipe

  1. 60 ml dark rum

  2. 15 ml fresh lime juice

  3. 90 ml ginger beer

  4. Garnish: lime wheel

dark and stormy cocktail

How to Make a Dark and Stormy

  1. Add the ginger beer and lime juice into a Collins glass filled with ice.

  2. Float the rum on top.

  3. Gently stir to combine.

  4. Garnish with a lime wheel.